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CBD Vapes - What's the benefits?

CBD Vapes - What's the benefits?

CBD Vapes are becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming CBD, and the release of many high strength full spectrum disposable and cart vapes has only increased the appeal of CBD in vape form.

So we decided to delve into the pros and cons of CBD vapes.

the first thing to mention is that CBD vape products differ to other products in a few ways.  Vaping is not for everyone, and if you don't already smoke or vape we would strongly recommend avoiding starting if possible.  

Vaping CBD is highly effective because of how the compound is absorbed into the body.  When you vape, the bio availability is much higher than traditional methods such as oils and gummies.  What this means is that the effects of the CBD will take place much quicker.  For people using these products they have reported that if they use them say for example for broken sleep caused by anxiety or something similar, they are finding the results are positive and quicker to take affect.  The down side to vaping is that the effects wear off far quicker meaning you have to take it at more regular intervals.

Vapes are now in 2 types, a vape juice for a vape device, and pre filled disposables and carts.  It's important to know the difference between these products.

Vape Juices

Vape juices can be used in a vape device.  We recommend using a very basic device that isn't too powerful.  To much power will evaporate the CBD and render the juice useless.

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