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CBN - What is it?

CBN - What is it?

In this post we are going to look into a lesser know and potentially beneficial compound in cannabis called CBN.

CBN stands for cannabinol and has similar properties to CBD, but CBN is produced in an entirely different way. 

CBD as we know is the 2nd most abundant compound in cannabis, and the most abundant compound in hemp.  Therefore plants can be grown to produce high levels of CBD and then extracted, giving us everything from full spectrum crude oil to single compound isolates.

CBN on the other hand does not grow in abundance in any cannabis plant, and is actually the result of the oxidisation of THC.  For example, if you were to leave a cannabis plant for a long time without using it, eventually the THC will turn into CBN.  And whilst the compound comes from THC originally, it, like CBD has no psychoactive properties and makes it as appealing for users.

How they act in the body 

CBN borrows some of its properties from THC. For example, THC acts on the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors, which is what creates the high associated with cannabis.

CBN also binds to the CB1 receptor, but at a much lower strength than THC and generally will have no psychoactive effects

CBD does not appear to attach to the CB receptors directly, and produces no effects of euphoria or other altered senses.

Potential benefits of CBN

Benefits of CBN include qualities as an antibacterial, neuroprotectant, appetite stimulator and an anti-inflammatory. While the medical use of marijuana has for decades included easing the effects of glaucoma, it came with the side effect of making the patient “high.” CBD and CBN provide similar results without the psychoactive effects.

It is that anti-inflammatory trait of CBN that may make it highly valuable in treating the long roster of medical ailments caused by autoimmune disorders.

Studies have shown CBN can also inhibit proliferation of skin cells and the inflammation associated with immune response at the heart of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory skin disease and possibly even melanoma.

Researchers are also encouraged by CBN’s therapeutic effect in treating anxiety, as an anticonvulsant and in slowing the onset of ALS.

Because of how CBN works, it has been reported to have calming almost sedative effects.  This combined with other ingredients such as Melatonin and lavender are a great combination for aiding with sleep.

If you want to try CBN as part of your daily routine, check out Goldfish Amsterdam's CBN with Melatonin sleep oil

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