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Should you buy CBD Products Online?

Should you buy CBD Products Online?

This is the question that we here at CBDelites find most difficult to answer and the reason is both Yes and No!

How can that be possible we hear you ask!  Well, we are an online store as well as a physical Bricks and Mortar store, so we aren't going to say don't buy online, but what we will say is be careful what you buy and where you buy from.

Here's the problem - Who do you trust?  It's very difficult in todays market to decide who to trust, especially when buying something like CBD products.  Nearly all CBD products need to be applied, ingested or inhaled in some form or other, so you want to be sure the product you're buying is safe, and to coin a phrase - 'Does what it says on the tin!'

With the rise of such marketplaces as Amazon, eBay and Facebook you'd be very tempted to look there first - it's quick, easy and the product will be with you in near record time.  The problem is that these marketplaces don't actually allow the sale of CBD products on their platforms, and as such, vendors selling these try to get around the restrictions.  These market places are like the Wild West when it comes to quality control.  There is nothing to stop vendors selling you absolutely anything, and the one thing we have seen more than anything else is Hemp Seed Oil, rebottled into 10 or 30ml bottles and labelled with a mg strength rating on.  Whilst this is technically not illegal or incorrect in most cases its very misleading, and above all a complete rip off!

Let's use hemp seed oil as an example.  You can buy a half litre bottle of pure organic hemp seed oil for about £10.  Imagine rebottling that into 10ml bottles and selling it for £10 a bottle!  You'd get 50 10ml bottles.  That's £500 in sales from a £10 bottle of hemp seed oil.  So you see, you have to be very careful what you're buying and where your buying it from.  Here at CBDelites you can be sure that the product you are buying is the product described.  Not only that, but if you are unsure or wish to ask questions, we have a variety of ways to get in touch with us, including by Direct Chat though our website, Email and of course you can do it the old fashioned way and give us a Call!

We've created a short video with a few handy tips to follow when you're buying CBD products online

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