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To Legalise or Not to Legalise.....

To Legalise or Not to Legalise.....

That really is the question of modern times, and the debate has been going on for so long you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's been going on since Shakespeare's era!

So for many forward thinking individuals, there's a good case for legalising Marijuana.  I mean, we are already using CBD in all sorts of things now from Oils and Balms to Facemasks and Creams - the applications are vast, and all seem to have had profound results, no matter what you are using it for.  Surely the next logical step would be to look at a properly regulated marijuana industry.  So many countries are now looking at this, and the UK is as we keep being reminded a leader on the world stage and the 5th largest economy on the planet, so why are we so behind on this?  We look across the pond to USA where 10 states have now legalised marijuana, and Colorado recently announced its first Billion Dollar tax haul from marijuana sales.  Our commonwealth partners in Canada have too embraced this new Green Rush and are reaping the rewards.  And we can look a little closer to home with Spain relaxing certain laws, and allowing Cannabis Clubs and personal Cannabis growing.  

So why are we so behind?

Well, a new report recently published in The Independent showing a poll of adults who support the legalisation would suggest that the tide may soon turn.  It's really not complicated economics.  Marijuana would be regulated.  There would be a chance for many entrepreneurial people to get involved in so many ways.  Street dealers peddling potentially dangerous weed would no longer be a problem, and the biggest no brainer is the tax revenue that all this would generate which could pay for Policing, Hospitals and be ploughed back into communities and community projects.

We spoke to someone today(July 16th 2019) who has many friends in central government.  He told us that whilst Brexit, Leadership races and possible general elections are looming, the legalisation debate is well and truly on the back burner, but the general feeling around Westminster is that there will be more research and more thought now put towards legalisation than ever before as they come under pressure to revisit this issue time and again, and ‘the cause’ is only growing in momentum all the time. 

It's not all roses and rainbows - there are of course cons to any substance.  You only have to look at the problems caused by legal substances like alcohol, tobacco and now opioid based legal drug addiction as drugs like Co-Codomol and Tramadol are handed out like candy!  Marijuana also has cons.  We know that it can affect people susceptible to psychotic episodes for example.  

This is of course only scratching the surface, but the overall feeling is that legalisation pro's would far outlay the cons.  

Please feel free to share this.  The more information sharing that can be done, the greater chance there is in getting real change to our outdated laws around the demonisation of this ancient natural resource. 


Check out this report in The Independent 

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