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How much should you take

Dosage is very important, and it differs from person to person depending on an individuals tolerance to CBD.  You cannot overdose on CBD, but you should be aware of how much you are taking.  We would always advise reading instructions, and if you are a new user of CBD products, start with a small amount.  General advise is that 250 - 1000mg strengths are ok for general everyday wellbeing.  Over 1000mg strengths can be used to target specific ailments but please be aware - CBD products are a food supplement and are NOT a medicine or designed for specific health issues. CBD products on this site comply with all laws and DO NOT contain any THC.

Dropper Oil Dosage Advise

The amount of oil in a dropper that you use is subjective.  It's sown to how much the individual wants to use AND the strength of the oil being used.  For example, if you wanted 10mg of CBD and you had a 250mg oil, you'd need about 8 drops.  Each drop has about 1.25mg CBD.  If you have a 500mg oil, you'd use about 4 drops as each drop is approx. 2.5mg.

To work out the approximate amount of CBD in each drop, you divide the total CBD content by the ML in the bottle.  Then divide that by 20 (there are approx 20 drops in 1ml).  This is not an exact science but it gives you a rough idea.

When starting, we always recommend starting LOW and SLOW.  Use a low strength oil (between 250mg - 500mg).  Start by using a low amount of drops per day, and then increase it over time.

  • WEEK 1 - Use 3 drops twice a day
  • WEEK 2 - Use 3 drops three times a day
  • WEEK 3 - Increase amount by 2 or drop on each application
  • WEEK 4 - increase as needed.  You will find a level that suits you.
 Once you have found that level, stick to that amount.

We also recommend a RESET.  If you feel that the oil is no longer having any effect, you may want to try this.  Stop taking the oil for 3 or 4 days.  This allows your body to literally reset and purge any excess CBD.

​Maximum RDA for CBD is 200mg

Love CBD Spray Bottle Usage Advise

20ml Spray - Contain approx 120 sprays per bottle

Dutch Oil Spray

CBD/CBDa Per Spray

300mg - 2.4 per spray

500mg - 4mg per spray

Entourage Oil Spray

CBD/CBDa Per Spray

800mg - 6.4mg per spray

1400mg - 11.2mg per spray

2000mg - 16mg per spray

CBD with MCT Coconut Oil Spray

250mg - 2mg per spray

500mg - 4mg per spray

Usage :

Start by spraying 1 spray under your tongue per day.  

Hold the liquid under your tongue for at least 1 minute.  The longer you hold the liquid under your tongue, the better as this is the most efficient way for the human body to absorb the CBD.  Once you have finished, simply swallow the liquid.  It is not a good idea to swallow the liquid straight away because the CBD goodness won't be absurd into the bloodstream efficiently enough and you will lose its potency by swallowing it.

After 3 or 4 days, use 1 spray twice daily for about a week, then increase to 1 spray 3 times a day.  After 2 or so weeks you can up the dosage to 2 sprays 3 times a day.

We recommend that you do not use more than 9 sprays per day.