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All orders placed by 4pm will be shipped the same day by Royal Mail.
Orders placed by 4pm are shipped the same day

Online Payment System

Why don't we use PayPal?

We have been asked a number of times why we no longer accept PayPal payments.  Unfortunately due to PayPal rules and regulations, they have decided that they will NOT take payments for any CBD based products.  This is unfortunate, but beyond our control, and as such they removed our PayPal account.

Who do we use for our card processing?

We use a card processing company called Viva Wallets.  Viva Wallets is the recommended processor of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association), and is used by many CBD companies throughout Europe.  

Viva Wallets payment gateway is simple to use.  You will be directed to a payment screen, and once the details are in and processed, redirected back to our site.  

Known Processing Issues

We have come across 2 minor issues that may occur.  

The first relates to disconnection before completion.  In this instance if for any reason you have entered your card details and the payment has processed, but you have lost connection on the device you are using (bad mobile signal, dead battery etc), please contact us as your order may not have come through on our online system.  You will know if this has happened as you won't receive an order confirmation email.

The second issue is regarding autofill details.  Viva Wallet will on occasion not be able to process the order if the details have been autofilled by the computer.  This is a security feature within their processing system.  If this happens, simply input all your details manually and that will resolve any issues.