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CBG Dog Treats


Goldfish Amsterdam’s CBG Dog Treats with Sheep Fat are especially developed for older dogs and dogs with sensitivities.

The combination of Sheep Fat with CBG acts a natural and healthy snack and a tasty addition to your dog’s daily diet. Particularly when dogs age, their body’s basic functions may weaken. Sheep fat with CBG stimulates a shiny fur and supports your four-legged pal’s vitality.

Sheep fat naturally contains vitamins A and D, which support the immune system. Both vitamins are essential to the dog’s eyesight and healthy functioning of the digestive tract, lungs and airways and mucous membranes. Besides, these vitamins help reinforce and (re-) construct bones. Furthermore, Goldfish Amsterdam’s sheep fat and CBG Dog Treats formula support the functioning of your dog’s digestive tract and increases energy levels.


  • Sheep fat dog treats with CBG
  • THC-free
  • Enriched with full-spectrum hemp powder
  • 100% Natural
  • Supports immune system, metabolism, vitality, skin-health and shiny fur.
  • Healthy addition to daily diet

Ingredients - 99% Sheep fat, 0,05 gram CBG

Nutritional advice
Offer one dog treat per 10kg body-weight as an addition to your dog’s daily diet. CBG
Dog Treats with Sheep Fat are suitable for all dog breeds, as well as for dogs with food-

  Each dog treat contains 5mg CBG.
* Do not use during gestation or lactation period *
* Provide fresh and clean drinking water at all times *

CBG does not have any side effects, though it might interact with other medicines. In case your pet uses any other medication, it is advisable to discuss the use of CBG with your veterinarian. Also contact your veterinarian in case your pet experiences any severe discomfort, to explore the need for medical assistance.