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Cheese Seeds - Auto

Cheese Auto by Plant Of Life Seeds is a very fragrant and
productive variety that is already a legend in the world of cannabis.
It is ridiculously simple to take care of and it will give us results that
we are not even able to imagine. Its taste and smell of strong cheese
is unique and unmatched.

Cheese Auto has a purely indica effect, since it will leave you stuck to
the sofa, totally sleepy and with a sensation of maximum relaxation.
Sweet flavour very marked, Sometimes even cloying, with that exotic
background to strong cheese and ripe fruits.

Indoors as always, we recommend using anti-odour filters
from an early age, as they are plants that release a very
penetrating fragrance that can be a problem regarding the
discretion of our crops.
The structure of Cheese is somewhat weak, since the weight
of the buds will cause the branches to split.
It is not very resistant to fungi, so we must space each irrigation
well, so that the soil dries completely.
Outdoors it does not like heat, and it is something more delicate
than in our cupboards. With normal parameters throughout the
crop will yield well in plants of small size, but filled to the top with
heavy buds.
The leaves are scarce in this plant which facilitates much the work
of manicured and subsequent drying of our marijuana.