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Equilibrium Calming Camomile Tea Bags


Equilibrium CBD are a brand you can trust, with their range of CBD infused drinks. Their tea range is fantastic fusion of CBD and the British nations favourite drink - Tea!

Chamomile flower is celebrated the world over for it’s benefits, and synergistically the perfect marriage with CBD. Our whole flower Chamomile  CBD Infused tea with notes of honey and soft green apple, works like a gentle balm on frazzled nerves and short fuses any time of day.

Brewing guidelines: begin with 1 tea bag to 227ml (8 fl oz) water. Use water just off the boil circa 95c. In order to maximise the benefits of our proprietary infusion process, we recommend longer steeping times (5 mins) to fully express the cannabinoids, and full flavour notes of the tea. Enjoy!

  • Each tea bag contains 1.7g of tea with a maximum of 3.4mg of CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Infused with pure CBD
  • This is a caffeinate free tea made from 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, gluten free and vegan friendly

Each 1.7g serving of tea contains a maximum of 3.4mg CBD. Do not exceed 20 servings / 70mg CBD per day. If consuming with other CBD products, do not exceed more than 70mg total from a combination of CBD products per day, which is the total Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).