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G.F Amsterdam CBN Sleep Oil With Melatonin


Goldfish Amsterdam have developed on oil designed to help you have a better nights sleep.  Containing a host of natural well known ingredients, and one lesser know cannabinoid - CBN.

What's in the oil?

CBN - Cannbinol is the result of THCa oxidising over a long period of time.  When left, THCa will turn into CBN - a non physchoactive cannabinoid that is proven to help with sleep.

Lavender - One of the most commonly used ingredients in sleep aids, lavender contains a terpene called Linalool which has a soothing effect when inhaled.

Kittleflower - Is know for its antioxidant properties, and is thought to have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the immune system.

Lemon Balm - Is know for protective effect against overactivity and is a popluar herb for aiding sleep

Melatonin  - Melatonin is a hormone produced by a gland in the brain and plays an important role in our bodies wake-sleep cycle.  When it gets dark, production of melatonin increases signalling to your body that it's time to sleep.

Recommended dosage

This CBN oil comes in a handy spray bottle.  Spray 5-10 sprays into your mouth directly or under the tongue about 15 minutes before bed time.