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Lit by Element Tank Dab Crumble Kit

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Lit is brand new CBD crumble product by American vape juice giant Element. It is an almost pure broad spectrum CBD extract crumble.

This dab kit comes in 2 versions - A disposable kit form, and a tank kit form.

In this tank kit you get :

  • 1 x Dab Tank (With Ceramic Coil)
  • 1 x Tool Accessory
  • 1 x 0.5g of flavoured crumble

They have made this on-the-go portable dab kit easy to use.  Simply drop some crumble into the tank, poke it down with the tool, turn it on and inhale the CBD vapour!  Because crumble like any cannabinoid extract is virtually pure you will get an instant hit from it, with a calming and relaxing effect.

Please note that this kit DOES NOT come with the battery.  It has a 510 thread and will fit any e-cigarette style battery.  We'd recommend a lower power device, or standard ecig style battery.

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