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Nooro Oat Bars

by Nooro

Nooro oat bars are the perfect treat.  This 3 pack of bars comes with 

    • 1 x Lemon & Ginger (25mg CBD)
    • 1 x Banana & Cinnamon (25mg CBD)
    • Cacao & Coconut (25mg CBD)
Nooro bars consider the mind as well as the body. Nooro has a unique holistic effect, thanks to carefully selected ingredients. Crucial anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and slow release energy oats are combined with plant-based nootropics - natural compounds that enhance cognition, memory and clarity- and 25mg of CBD to ease stress, improve focus and provide calm. Nooro’s ingredients all act in harmony to help align your mind, optimise your day and achieve balanced happiness