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Orders placed by 4pm are shipped the same day

Orange County Muscle & Joint Balm


O.C CBD muscle and joint balm is a great way to deliver their award-winning CBD extract deep into your muscles. This naturally fast absorbing formulation ensures that you receive a targeted dose of CBD exactly where it is needed most.

Their easy-to-apply CBD muscle and joint balm contains 1000mg of our high quality CBD in every 50ml bottle. Extracted using industry leading methods and rigorously examined for any shortcomings, our CBD muscle and joint balm will only give you the very best cannabinoids for your topical needs.

This impeccable CBD comes alongside a hand-selected combination of essential oils and natural ingredients, all helping to assist those overworked limbs. We’ve worked hard to make sure our CBD muscle and joint balm will give you all the benefits of a CBD dose and a conventional topical rub without sacrificing either.